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Environmental Sustainability Knowledge Transfer Network

ESKTN The objective of the Environmental Sustainability Knowledge Transfer Network is to improve the competitiveness of UK environmental industries in key priority areas by:

  • Catalysing innovation
  • Enhancing the uptake of technologies
  • Improving knowledge transfer between stakeholders
  • Impacting government policy

The challenge...
The environmental sector is broad and diverse. It consists of a number of sub-sectors, including contaminated land, water and wastewater, waste and air. Within each sub-sector there is a wide variety of stakeholders, ranging from site owners, utility companies and manufacturing businesses, through to consultants, contractors, technology providers and regulators. Accelerating knowledge transfer and stimulating innovation throughout the traditionally separate sub-sectors requires effective engagement with a range of businesses, regulators and academic institutions, as well as collaboration with public and private networks.

Benefits of membership
Becoming a member of the Environmental Sustainability KTN offers professionals access to a broad range of relevant and timely knowledge, business development and networking opportunities, a conduit to government and funders of innovation and more...

State-of-the-art web portal
Access to collated and relevant information, event listings, consultations and key documents, and signposting to other appropriate resources. Plus, free use of state-of-the-art tools including on-line conferencing and collaboration functionality.

Newsletters, bulletins, e-announcements...
Regular news, knowledge and website updates via the Network, newsletters, e-bulletins and e-announcements. Plus, priority access to state-of-the-art reports, events and activities delivered by the Network.

Technology Priority Areas
Enabling members to engage in Technology Priority Areas and the development of evidence based policy; to help influence and inform government innovation funding; to link with like minded businesses and customers and much more...

Membership is FREE.


Environmental Sustainability Knowledge Transfer Network