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Designing an Evanescent Wave Optical Biosensor to Monitor Biochemical Activity

Gerry Ronan, CEO, Farfield Group Ltd

Based in Crewe, Cheshire, Farfield Group Ltd is a physics based global supplier of scientific instruments that address the emerging molecular-scale measurement needs of Nanotechnology and Biophysics research communities. Farfield's core technology is based around an optical biosensor platform which uniquely allows the direct label free measurement of the dimensions and fold density of captured molecules at sub atomic resolution. As these change during a biochemical reaction, the technique, called Dual Polarisation Interferometry (DPI), provides a unique perspective of the structural relevance of a biochemical event.

The technology behind this breakthrough will be briefly described together with its relevance to the detection of biochemical activity. The transition from physics laboratory and the physical scientists behind the invention to the biochemistry laboratory and the life scientists who deploy DPI around the world will be outlined in the context of how the technology is packaged, how the interfacial chemistry is designed and how the user interface is presented to maximise the accessibility in use. In closing, a few examples will be shown of how DPI is being used to design bioactive surfaces for other biosensors and how Farfield's latest innovation in biosensing measures the interaction of proteins with lipid bilayer surfaces.

Biography: Gerry Ronan

Gerry is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics and has spent 20 years designing and commercialising physics-based scientific instrumentation for life science, medical, and industrial applications, including Mass Spectrometers, MRI systems, Biosensors, and numerous optical systems. He is currently CEO of Farfield Group Ltd having previously worked in a variety of instrumentation businesses such as Thermo Electron, Malvern Instruments and several start-up companies.