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Universal Sensors ltd

Company profile:

USL offers a potentiometric biosensor platform for developing ligand-binding assays (immuno, enzymic, nucleic etc). The robust biosensors enable the quantitative detection of analytes in complex aqueous-based samples with little or no sample preparation. The low cost measuring system handle's up to 12 individual biosensors, is highly sensitive (<pM), easy to use & significantly reduces assay time (5-10 mins). The system measures oxidative state, pH and ionic strength changes. Enabling many more assay formats to be investigated on the same platform.

Core business activities include development of an integrated biosensor system; In-house sensor manufacture; Contract R&D, Assay transfer and development.

Main products and services:

We are building a platform diagnostic technology that can cope with the majority of tests (e.g. immunoassays, cell based assays, enzyme-based assays and Nucleic acid assays) performed in the following industry sectors; environmental, food, feed and drink, agriculture, biodefense and security amongst others. i.e. all sectors other than clinical and veterinary diagnostics which has been licensed out already.

Products and services include Universal or specific biosensors; Multichannel measuring system; Assay transfer service and development.

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Collaborations Sought:

Clients, Collaborative R&D, Joint Ventures, IP Licensing.

We have a platform technology which has a huge application potential with room for many types of collaborations. We are seeking synergistic technologies and assays to apply to our technology in all sectors other than clinical and veterinary diagnostics which has already been licensed out.


Unit 2 Suite 2, Abbey Barns
Duxford Rd
CB10 1SX

Country:   United Kingdom
Telephone:   01799531144
Area of Operation:   Sensor Systems
Company Size:   Micro < 10 employees
Type of Company:   Private Limited Company
Year Established:   2003
Immediate parent company/ division:   Sensortec Ltd