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Immune Macro Biotic Technology (IMBT)

Company profile:

IMBT is a research and development company for the provision of a range of evolutionary conserved Antimicrobial Peptides from insects (AMPs). IMBT has been granted UK and Australian patents with European, USA and Japanese patents pending for the platform technology: the induced production of AMPs and associated defense molecules through an oral pathogenic infection in the insect. The company has knowhow in the application of these AMPs for a wide range of pathogenic infections and their associated pathologies. The technology platform is green, environmentally friendly, safe and sustainable. It incorporates principles of biomimicry, and utilises evolved biological processes to provide health and therapeutics for animals and humans.

Main products and services:

AMPs are active against bacteria, virus, fungi and parasites. They are nature's antibiotics and have been in existence for millions of years. IMBT's initial focus is the production of an animal feed supplement of immune stimulated insect larvae. These are provided as a natural dietary component to farmed animals, chickens, pigs salmon etc. Insect AMPs enhance and boost the immune defenses of animals and humans against infective pathogens. Unlike conventional antibiotics, AMPs integrate with the host and facilitate targeted Antibody production against pathogenic antigens, thus avoiding auto-immunity such as diabetes. The technology can be applied to malaria vaccines, cancer control, and to protect against atherosclerosis and Alzheimers .

Collaborations Sought:

Collaborative research is sought for a wide range of therapeutic applications, that include but are not limited to those mentioned above ( bacterial and viral toxins, tropical diseases etc). IMBT seeks licencing arrangements and joint venture opportunities for the full exploitation of its technology.


71 Shorton Valley Rd

Country:   United Kingdom
Telephone:   +44 (0)1803 525943
Area of Operation:   BioTech/Lifesciences
Company Size:   Micro < 10 employees
Type of Company:   Private Limited Company
Year Established:   1999