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EvanesCo Ltd

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EvanesCo has significant applied research and development experience in chemo and bio-photonic sensing system design. This draws upon wide in depth skills in microbiology, biochemistry, chemical analysis, spectroscopy, optical & electrical engineering and technology networking. EvanesCo's offices in Newton Abbot include chemo / biological wet labs, electro optical labs, electronic fabrication / test labs, IT and workshop facilities ‘under one roof’.

This constructive combination of skills, experience and facilitates in one location has allowed the creation of unique small form factor optical sensors with remote networking capability for integrated intelligent system solutions.

Main products and services:

EvanesCo’s integrated sensor systems utilize fibre optic evanescent wave technology coupled with functionalized molecule coatings capable of chemical, biological or radiological event detection. Sensors can profile oil / gas fractions, water, food, drink products and biological samples.

EvanesCo’s technology is well suited to applications in water / pollution monitoring, micro-bacterial attack, spoilage, oil / gas process monitoring / counterfeiting, leak detection, fermentation and biomedical analysis. Industry sectors include Homeland Security, Defence, Environmental, Energy and Health.

Key sensor advantages include high sensitivity, specificity, and speed. Data can be interrogated on-line or on-site negating the need for lab analysis.

Collaborations Sought:

EvanesCo are keen to develop further collaborations at Regional, National and European level for R&D of integrated solutions. This may encompass universities, other R&D companies, governing bodies / agencies, dealers, subcontractors, systems integrators and / or end users.

EvanesCo technology lends itself to many application areas and, as such, are happy to consider project funding / partnering suggestions from any industrial sectors.


4/5 Forde Court
Forde Rd
Newton Abbot
TQ12 4AD

Country:   United Kingdom
Telephone:   +44(0)1626 360030
Area of Operation:   Sensor Systems
Company Size:   Small 10-50 employees
Type of Company:   Private Limited Company
Year Established:   2002
Immediate parent company/ division:   BondCo 1243 Ltd