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Engineering and Medical Technology (EMT)


The Engineering and Medical Technology research centre (EMT), based at the Universiy of the West of England, Bristol, performs research to benefit society and industry and particularly in health-related areas - underpinned by fundamental work. Much of EMT's work focuses on: improved understanding of processes at the nm-scale; generation of generic multiphysics solution algorithms in finite element and related analyses by artificial intelligence and other means. Reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of the work, EMT members include academics from the schools of Bristol Institute of Technology, Health and Social Care, Applied Science and the Built and Natural Environment.

The group has many years of research experience in the study of sustainable energy; prediction of mechanical behaviour and life of components; studies on bridge instabilities; avoidance of occupational and sports injury; physiological modelling; innovation in finite element and related methods. Notable experimental facilities available to the Centre include those for sound and vibration, testing of materials including elastomer and concrete composites and physiological measurements.


For more information and contact details go the EMT website.