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Centre for Innovative Manufacture and Machine Vision Systems (CIMMS)uwe

The Centre for Innovative Manufacturing and Machine Vision Systems (CIMMS), based at the University of the West of England, Bristol, provides a focus for fundamental and applied research aimed at developing state of the art technologies and systems that could be beneficially applied to various stages of the product life cycle and could also contribute to exciting research-led teaching.

The Centre is engaged in a number of parallel but complementary lines of research. These include machine vision for metrology, surface inspection and medical applications, modelling and knowledge-based system development for manufacturing processes, Knowledge-Based systems incorporating QFD techniques in PDM systems for Concurrent Engineering, Reverse Engineering, Complex CAD modelling, automation, Manufacturing Planning & Control and mechatronics.

Face recognition using photometric stereoA large part of the interests of CIMMS is represented by the the Machine Vision Laboratory (MVL). The MVL has rapidly established a reputation as a world-leading centre of excellence. A significant MV research theme has been the creation of an entirely new underlying philosophy in computer vision, termed ‘object centred machine vision’. This has been realised by developing techniques that focus on increased system flexibility, offer potential for greater use of portable or hand-held technology and, through more 'intelligent' processing, reduce the existing ubiquitous need for rigorous structuring of the imaging environment.

Research interests fall into the following areas:

  • Machine-vision based 3D metrology
  • Surface modelling for reverse engineering
  • Hand-held surface data acquisition
  • KBS for designing products for manufacture by PM (Powder Metallurgy) technology
  • Two and three dimensional inspection of moving surfaces using machine vision
  • Evaluation of a company's requirements for a PDM system for CE
  • Custom-designing vortex technology for stormwater treatment
  • Characterisation of particulates in terms of size, shape and texture using machine vision techniques
  • Visual inspection of complex surfaces
  • Intelligent Systems for Design and Manufacture of parts using PM (Powder Metallurgy) technology


For more information and contact details go the CIMMS Web site

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