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Centre for Complex Cooperative Systems (CCCS)

UWE BristolThe Centre for Complex Cooperative Systems (CCCS), based at UWE Bristol, undertakes research into the provision of complex computing infrastructures for applications in distributed data systems. Formed out of successful cooperative research ventures with leading research institutions and commercial organisations including CERN and Motorola, it is currently involved in research with several leading research centres and commercial organisations.

CCCSCCCS is motivated in its research activities by the rapid convergence of the telecommunications and information systems industries which has led to the decentralisation of computer systems and autonomy of system components. Its aims include reducing the complexity of systems interaction, and making information systems adaptable, available and evolutionary to meet future demands. Large-scale demonstrators and access to large scale systems enable research to reach positive conclusions regarding issues of complexity, scalability and real-world suitability.


For more information and contact details go the CCCS website.